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Pictures of You

Our new album, "Pictures of You", is available for streaming and download.

It includes 11 new songs, a medley of Scottish fiddle tunes, and a Bluegrass gospel song. Plus we have a few kick-ass musicians as guest artists.

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Guest Artists

  • David Belton created and plays a lovely bass part on Into the Stream
  • Bob Blinn, an accomplished Raleigh guitarist, lends his flatpicking skills on Soul of a Man
  • Gary Beckman assists in arranging The Far Divide, adding depth and playing his 12-string Seagull, synth, and bass

Pictures of You Cover Art

Hoo Cooks for Y'all?

Our first album, "Hoo Cooks for Y'all?", is available in CD, streaming, and downloads.

Hoo Cooks for Y'all? on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, CD Baby

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Hoo Cooks for Y'all? Cover Art

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