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Sightings on the rise for North Carolina contemporary folk band

Their music has been described as "the colors of classic 60's folk music, shaded by bluegrass, on a post rock-and-roll palette". The Owls weave mandolin, fingerstyle guitar, and their two voices in a Gestalt manner where the parts blend into a superior whole. Their sets include a continuously expanding body of original songs and instrumentals as well as traditional and cover songs carefully chosen and arranged to convey their deep feelings.

Kate Annett-Hitchcock

Kate is a powerful singer, an expressionist songwriter, and a spirited mandolin player. Raised in the UK, she brings an international perspective to the music along with her very un-British love of Bluegrass. She studied with mandolin star Emory Lester, which you will hear when the fire comes out in her playing.

Scott Boggs

Scott plays fingerstyle guitar in a style inspired by heros like Bert Janch and John Renbourn. He adds a rich lyrical voice, writes songs, and joins in on mandolin for the Scottish tunes. You don't want to hear his fiddle playing yet. He studied with fingerstyle guitar legend Duck Baker and also with the late and great Howard Morgen.

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The Barred Owls

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